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Wireless Technology
Wireless technology is a ubiquitous method for the transmission of information using the propagation of electromagnetic waves.
Measuring Impedances with an Oscilloscope
Measuring impedances of electrical components with an oscilloscope and a measuring transmitter for high precision results.
Alternating Currents in Phasor Diagrams
Showing alternating currents in phasor diagrams simplifies the computation of electrical networks with coils and capacitors.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering section of the Radio Technologist provides practical solutions with theoretical backgrounds for electrical applications in wireless technology. One focus is the design and measurement of electric circuitry handling high frequent alternating currents.

Measuring Impedances with an Oscilloscope

The impedances of electrical components can be measured with high precision using an oscilloscope and a measuring transmitter. The method presented determines capacitances and inductances of unknown components as well as their frequency responses.

Equivalent circuit diagrams in electrical engineering.
Equivalent circuit diagram for a lossy inductor in electrical engineering

Published: August 23, 2022
Updated: August 29, 2022

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